Hey there!

Welcome to Umbruss, where magic meets craftsmanship in the enchanting land of Transylvania! Imagine a place near a famous neighbor with distinctive teeth, where we, at Umbruss, weave tales using wire and stones. 
In our sanctuary of creativity, trees come to life adorned with the sparkle of Tiger Eye, the soothing hues of Amethyst, and a myriad of other semi-precious gems. Every piece tells a unique story, a fusion of global inspiration and Transylvanian charm. 

Our journey is more than crafting art; it's a quest for semi-precious stones that carry the essence of every corner of the world. Umbruss invites you to be part of this magical journey, where creativity knows no bounds, and our trees carry the spirit of adventure from every touched place. Join us in celebrating the art that knows no borders! 

And for every creation you welcome into your home, we plant a tree, extending the magic of Umbruss to the heart of nature. 

To make this connection even more personal, each tree we plant will carry a tag with your name, reminding you of your special contribution. Please see here  more about The Plant A Tree project. Your choice goes beyond aesthetics; it's a choice that leaves a lasting impact on our planet and brings you closer to the heart of nature.